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All ready to be purchased online today!

We’re big fans of the first ZX Flux. It keeps enough of the familiar adidas zx flux blanche in order to make the heritage obvious, but there’s nothing traditional about the way Adidas has used materials, textures and photoprints to take the range boldly forward. Whether recreating a classic like the recent ZX8000 ‘OG’ version or just going all-out wildstyle neck breaker like the photo print prisms, the ZX flux has proven it’s much more than one-trick pony, and is a brilliant canvas for creative design. What sets it apart though, is that it usually results in superb footwear – it’s not one of those innovations where the idea is better than the execution, or the concept is interesting but the (usually expensive) end result is flawed. The ZX Flux is massively wearable, supremely comfy, and at a very decent pricepoint. So 2.0 best be good!
Being that the adidas superstar pas cher is one of the most popular and well-recognized adidas silhouettes, it isn’t surprising that we’re seeing a new version of the shoe release. This version updates the classic with a high-quality Primeknit upper and Bounce cushioning.It’s refreshing to see adidas innovating by placing modern performance technologies onto a classic silhouette instead of just pumping out retros like other companies do.Staying true to the design of the original sneaker, the Superstar Bounce PK still features the shell toe design as well as a completely separate tongue. A variety of Primeknit colorways and patterns have surfaced online, including all white, all black, black and white striped as well as blue and black striped colorways.
Adidas really excels at adapting designs and technologies to different categories. The adidas superstar femme is a prime example: Originally designed as a basketball model, the unique shoe has been around for 45 years. In that time, it appeared in numerous shapes and forms – as a collaboration , as a fashion shoe and of course as a skate shoe – also thanks to its popularity in the 90s skate scene. The Superstar Snow, which we introduced here already, is probably the boldest departure from the original. In an incredibly smart way, adidas blew up the design to boot proportions and separates it into an upper and lower zone. The latter incorporates the signature shell toe cap and even the classic heel tab! It really looks like a proper sneaker. We tested the boot in the Austrian Alps and were stoked on both the look and fit of the shoe. For many snowboarders looking for a more street-oriented outfit, this will surely be a favorite. Look for more boot adaptations and snow gear here.
Adidas’s latest adidas superstar rose, while not mind-blowing in and of itself, lays a solid conceptual platform from which the people who make crazy good ads (don’t ask me who these people are, or what they look like) to launch into interstellar advertising space. And when I say not mind-blowing, I do not mean that it cannot be appreciated. I, myself, love this idea that superstardom is not the perks, ego-boosts and amenities that might come along the way, but rather something more fundamental and authentic. I like that thought, I agree with that thought, but it is not a particularly cosmic one. Though this is, in my just the other side of humble opinion, a slightly disappointing thought, it is not a lamentable one. Especially considering heights to which the campaign ends up taking the Superstar.

Always a winning color combination on literally any sneaker, black, red, and white combine once again for a strong look on this latest zapatillas nike air max 2017 mujer

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